Manage Manufacturing Operations with Odoo’s Manufacturing Module

Odoo 14 brings in innovative features to develop and organize the manufacturing sector of an organization. Odoo’s manufacturing module helps to design, manufacture, and distribute products on time. Manufacturing a product passes through various stages like collecting raw materials, optimizing resources, material handling, machinery processes, quality checks, and finally developed as finished goods after completing a lot of processes. All these processes include distinct types of bills and the Odoo manufacturing module eases the hectic operations of a manufacturing unit.

ERP implementation is unavoidable in this new era of digital transformation. Odoo ERP solution fulfills all the requirements of an organization. But implementation of the Manufacturing module is tricky. Febno Technologies is famous for its Odoo Manufacuring module implementation. The team of Odoo experts from Febno Technologies provide you the best implementation service and train the staff to adept the new changes.

Let us have a look at the key feature of Odoo’s Manufacturing Module

  1. Manage Orders

Manufacturing Module helps to manage manufacturing orders, work orders, barcode, repair orders, unbilled orders, and editable Mos. Manufacturing orders help to route raw materials to manual assembly or automatic assembly lines. Use of bar code in the manufacturing process speed up the manufacturing operations. You can easily manage repairs of items under warranty as a service and disassemble a finished product and recuperate components.

  1. Schedule and Plan

You can plan the manufacturing process and get a clear view of your whole planning and easily reschedule manufacturing. The manufacturing order plan could be viewed in graph formats. You can organize work orders and move ahead with production. It keeps track of available materials in stock and manages the bill of materials. MRP scheduler helps to schedule work at each work center based on OEE and capacity.

  1. Flexible Master Data

It is easy to set multi-level Bills of materials, that is, create a bill of materials within another to know the manufacturing component of a product in the bill of materials. Optional work order routing helps to sequence production depending on the routing used. Kit feature assists the salespersons to sell products as a set of components to assemble.

Quality checks

Odoo manufacturing module inspects the quality of products during each stage of manufacturing and Kanban view of quality alerts helps to organize works. Control points automatically trigger quality checks for the manufacturing department.

  1. Maintenance

Odoo’s manufacturing module allows a smooth running of the maintenance operations of an organization. It automates regularly scheduled maintenance on items and creates maintenance orders for repairs and other fixes. It reminds the maintenance team about the exact follow-ups. You can schedule maintenance operations with a calendar and get all statistics computed for you.

  1. Work Centre Control Panel

Tablets are set at every work center to organize work efficiently. Production could be recorded and worksheets are displayed directly on the work center with instructions for the operator. Miscellaneous operations like creating quality alerts, performing checks, handling scrap products are done right from the work center. You can define multiple steps in a work order and link them to worksheet pages.

  1. Detailed Reports

Odoo’s manufacturing module offers detailed reports on all the operations of the manufacturing process. It provides details of the cost analysis based on the cost of the components and the cost of operations. It is easy to analyze your work center loads, the productivity losses and track your overall equipment effectiveness.

Odoo’s manufacturing module eases the manufacturing operations of an organization and manages bills, manufacturing orders, tracks order and controls the process of a manufacturing unit. Febno technologies, the best Odoo ERP service provider, offers the implementation process of Odoo ERP Software at a cost-effective price. Travel with Febno, and be part of digital transformation.